Freezer Menu – Blackout

One of the things that has been on my mind lately has been 72 hours kits and emergency preparation.  Even before the ZWT challenge that involved coming up with the contents of a 72 hour kit for myself and my daughter, I was thinking about them.  We live on the Gulf Coast of Texas.  We were in an area that was told to evacuate for Hurricane Rita.  For several reasons, we chose not to do so, but the fact is, we live in hurricane country.  I don’t expect to ever get flooded out, as we currently live in an area designated “X year floodplain”, as in it is less likely to flood here than in the “500 year floodplain”, where it is likely to flood badly once every 500 years.  But other things can happen.  Power can go out due to flooding happening in other areas is the one on the top of my list of worries.

So, since my most likely scenario for an emergency would be a shelter in place type, I have a made a menu up for 72 hours of no power.  All of these recipes are designed to be cooked on a campfire or grill, or don’t have to be cooked at all.  They require no refrigeration, and all of the ingredients are commonly found at all of my grocery stores.  I have made notes concerning substitutions that mioght need to be made, or changes in technique.

Blackout Menu

Also, I have bought myself a good 5 qt dutch oven and a backpacking camp cookware set.  And I am going to teach myself to cook in them, both in my kitchen and outdoors.  Right now, if I had to try and cook on a fire, I would prolly burn everything, but I plan on practicing while it isn’t necessary, so I will know what to do when it is.  It will also help me be a good girl scout leader when my troop starts going camping. 🙂


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