New Linkage

Well, thanks to Maggie over at Frugal Abundance, I have found new yummy websites, and thought I would share them with you.

Cheap Healthy Good is a neat blog written by a couple of funny ladies in New York.  They have an aesthetic similar to mine, that cheap eating doesn’t have to be filled with processed foods, or with unhealthy levels of filler foods, or has to taste bad or worse, bland.  I don’t think they could take the $10 challenge for very far, though, not if they are talking about how cheap 6 ears of corn for $2 are (in the middle of summer!).  They also have some great links that can completely eat up your day if you let them, which led me to . . .

Slashfood, specifically the article about dried beans.  The article and comments were so interesting that I just started cruising the rest of the site.  There are some really neat features, like the Slashfood Ate (8), which is like a top 10 list.  The site is more foodie than frugal, but with their focus on DIY foods is right up my alley. *grins*  And of course, all that cruising inevitably led me to . . .

Cake Wrecks.  Because we all wonder why anyone would want to eat a slice of some woman’s pregnant belly . . .


3 thoughts on “New Linkage”

  1. Thanks for the link, Scout! I was all set to be like, “We could take the $10 challenge pretty fa…” and then I saw your plan. Holy cow. Nice work.

  2. *big grins* Thanks for visiting ladies! Yeah, the $10 challenge is for true desperation times, and I just don’t think it is possible to do for more than one meal in New York. Not with what I have heard about the prices up there. 🙂

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