Portion Sizes

I am thoroughly addicted to Cheap Healthy Good’s linkfest.  So many fascinating links, so little time!  Yesterday’s smorgasborg included several links concerning portion sizes.  This is a topic near to my heart.  While I haven’t completely shed my mental image of what serving sizes are (you know, those supersized American portions), I am working on it.  I do better when I cook things like ground beef or chicken that ends up shredded, using 1 pound to feed the 6 of us.  However, when I am cooking up whole chicken breasts, I want the plate to look pretty with a whole breast on it, and the weird mutant chickens they are raising these days have chests that weigh 2 pounds.

I’m doing better with getting more veggies into our diet.  Just yesterday I got my DD to eat (and really enjoy) eggplant for lunch.  Boogie was less impressed, which meant more for me. 🙂  Fruits are also easy right now, with summer’s bounty upon us.  Have you discovered pluots, yet?  NUM!  And there were these wonderful Mango-Honeydew variety of nectarines, which were incredibly sweet and the most amazing yellow color.

I have to say, though, that I am glad I have started cutting out prepackaged foods from our diet.  Not only are they changing packaging sizes without changing the price accordingly, they are also changing serving sizes.  So you are supposed to eat more at a time, but are given less total in the package, and still are paying the same.  Talk about getting you coming and going.

Every time I teach myself to make something I would gotten out of a box, every time I eat something I grew in my garden, every time I choose a less processed variety, I feel like I have won yet another victory against all the corporations who are more concerned with padding their bottom line than with creating a GOOD product.  Never mind creating a BETTER product, which used to be part of the American way.  Corporate America doesn’t even bother with trying to make GOOD products anymore.  Food should be healthy, and nutritious.  Food should not be marketed according to the latest food fads.  Food shouldn’t be filled with chemicals that have no business masquerading as food.  Food should taste good, and should taste like food.

Allright, I’m getting off my soapbox now and making some lunch for me and my kids.


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