The Behemoth, pt. 3

Okay, we’ve discussed WHAT and HOW you store, let’s talk about WHERE. I happen to have a chest freezer, as well as a very nice bottom of the fridge freezer. (Yeah, my microwave could be bottom of the barrel, but my freezers?!?! No way!) But this kind of thing can be scaled up or down. The idea is to group like things together. I have my large cuts of meat (briskets, whole chickens, pork butts) in one area, along with my bones for stock making and other seriously long term storage (this is the bottom of my chest freezer, which is hard to get to). In the basket above it, I have all of my stock containers, and sauce containers – plus whatever else I need room for that I need to be able to get at easily. In my fridge freezer, I have dinner portions on one side, lunch (single serving) portions on the other, and frozen fruits and veggies in the basket. I need to do a clean out, but this is the basic layout that works for me. Find what groupings work for you, and then GROUP! Use baskets, boxes, bowls, whatever is freezer safe and works for you.

Some resources/ideas:
Lunch in a Box’s freezing archive
National Center for Home Food Preservation freezing guide


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