Freezer Menu – Spinach

Here we go, a true trooper of the frozen food aisle. Always there when you need a batch of spinach dip and . . . okay, so does anybody use spinach for anything else, especially frozen spinach? Yeah, me neither. So I considered it a challenge. Spinach is an excellent vegetable to cultivate a taste for, both in you and your kids. Introduce them with Popeye, if you have to. 🙂 But once you and your kids are ready to try spinach in small or large amounts, here’s an OAMC menu full of ideas to try:

Spinach OAMC

Now, I have to admit, I have not tried any of these recipes, although the Herbed Spinach Balls have been in my “Want To Try” file for a while now. It’s not that I don’t like spinach, or that my family won’t eat it. In fact, I have spinach seeds coming to plant in my vegetable garden because my daughter loves it. But we like it raw, in salads. I do plan on trying some of these recipes when my crops grow, though, and I will post reviews when I do.

That caveat being said, I would make the Spinach and Cheese Squares first, then the Bacon and Spinach Quiche (which could be sliced thin and served as a side, or served as a main dish), then the Buttered Spinach and Rice, then assemble the other dishes to be cooked after thawing. As you can see, it doesn’t matter what kind of dinner you have planned, spinach can be on the menu, especially when pulled from the freezer!


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