Bento Tuesday

09.23 Bento
Chicken nuggets, honey mustard, grapes, carrot sticks, cheese sandwich, juice.

Don’t remember what it was, forgot to take a pic

09.25 Bento
Ham and cheese roll-ups, homemade granola bar, grapes, and juice.

No school, no bento

Sushi Bento, 09.27
For me (DD and DH went to a baseball game, so I treated myself): Ham, rooster sauce and mayo sushi; cream cheese and cucumber sushi; ginger chicken; and bok choy.

09.29 DD's Bento
Chicken salad sandwich, carrot sticks, bean cake, apple, and juice.

09.30 DD's Bento
For DD: Chicken Nuggets from the freezer, broccoli from the freezer, salad with ranch, gummies, and juice.
09.30 DS and my bentos
For DS and me: Yaki Udon for both, shrimp for me, mandarin oranges plain for him, mandarin oranges in a salad for me. He had a little apple before this and a big pile of rice after.


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