When Life Gives You Pink Lady Apples . . .


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at 99 cents a pound, make applesauce! I also used a couple of big Granny Smiths, and an apple type I had never seen before. HEB had samples of the “Tentation” apples, and they tasted good, like a cross between a really sweet apple and a crisp pear. They also felt much lighter than other apples. It was kind of surprising to find out that they are a Golden Delicious cross. I have never found any apple that has the word “delicious” in the name able to live up to the name.

I think I love making applesauce. And homemade applesauce is soooo delicious! I hate the store bought stuff, always have. This is my second batch and both have been FABULOUS! I am never buying store bought again. And I am definitely going to learn to can my own.

4 pounds of apples
I love that the kids can and want to help with this too. DD is my apple peeler and Boogie Boy adds the spices at the end. This time DD was at school, so I had to peel them myself. I’ll definitely do the next batch on the weekend.

Small Batch Applesauce
makes about 6 cups

4 pounds apples (get a mix of varieties, whatever you like)
1 T. lemon juice
1 t. Cinnamon
1/2 t. cardamon (optional, but yummy)

Peel, core, and roughly chop apples. Put into a smallish slow cooker (I use my rice cooker, which has a slow Smelling the cinnamoncook function). Splash lemon juice on top. Measure (or eyeball) spices into a small bowl. Call over your 3 year old and have him dump the spices in. If you only use tart granny smiths you might want to add a little sugar. Cook for 6 hours on low. Mash, put in jars. Enjoy. Preferably in things like:
Big Breakfast Cookies – tomorrow’s breakfast and I have 3 more packets made up in the pantry.


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