I REALLY like making applesauce!

I like it so much I learned to can. I mean, seriously. I have a mini-canner, which holds 7 pint sized jars (or half pints) – and that is actually more than my BIG crockpot will hold! At least before the apples cook down. This evening I made 8 pints of applesauce out of 5 pounds of granny smiths and 5 pounds of galas. Added some cardamom, some nutmeg, and a bu ch of cinnamon, but no sugar. The galas make it sweet enough.

Now I need to try canning something else. I am trying to decide whether to go for pickles or jelly next. Prolly jelly because I can actually make that using juice! :).

I also made up a batch of Asian pickled pears – quick pickles that just go in the fridge. But it was a good use to put some of the quart sized jars I had been collecting (which won’t work in my canner). And I made up several bags of the mix for those yummy breakfast cookies, as well as a batch of copycat onion soup mix to use later this week.

I guess I was feeling like my pantries were running low today, huh?


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