Two more days of frugal meals

Yesterday, the kids woke up and demanded cereal for breakfast, one with milk and one with yoghurt.  Since Daddy was up first, that is what they got.  🙂 all on hand.

  • Lunch $20 – Not so frugal, we went out to CiCi’s pizza buffet (noisy link).  The kids loved it, and I liked not having to cook.  Since we are trying to come down from $800 a month eating out, $20 for all of us is not too much of a splurge.  Especially during Winter Break.
  • Dinner $2.50 – Our favorite BBQ recipe (except for my son) with Hawaiian coleslaw.  We don’t actually like coleslaw, but it is one of the healthier usual sides for BBQ (made at home versions) and at 20 cents a pound, cabbage is CHEAP!  This coleslaw was actually really good.  I don’t like the flavor of raw cabbage, and I added extra coconut, which made the mayo taste like coconut, and thus the whole thing taste like coconut – when I wasn’t biting pineapple or raisin, anyway.


  • Breakfast $0.90 – Breakfast burritos: scrambled eggs, cheese, and tortillas.  The price is for half of a carton of eggs, since the cheese and tortillas were bought for other stuff.  I buy expensive eggs.  I like to think of it as saving brown-egg laying chickens from extinction, at least until I start keeping my own.
  • Lunch $7.19 – Dogs and Taters was more expensive that it would be for most people trying to tighten their belts, but I have a serious issue with hot dogs, so I only get certain brands.  I will go without hotdogs in my house before I will buy hotdogs filled with who knows what.  I also had a tangerine, and Boogie had the last smidge of homemade applesauce from the fridge.  I only have one or two jars left in the pantry, I will need to make more as soon as we have surplus cash.
  • Dinner $4.08 or free – We’re either going to be eating chicken fajita quesadillas and Mexican rice (with veggies mixed in) with my mom, or we are going to go out with her.  Either way, it’s a good price for us, and quesadillas make a good lunch, too. 🙂

Well, I gotta go get ready to go to the museum.  Memberships to nearby museums are awesome!


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