Week one, 2010

For the first full week of 2010, we are still recovering from financial emergencies at the end of 2009, so our menu is concentrating on frugality and using what we have.  The grocery bill for the week was $80, but only $68 when you remove the cat food and kitty litter.  Last week had an excess of pork products, and this week is more chicken based.


  • Breakfast – cereal from pantry
  • Lunch – still going through leftovers, gumbo is finally gone, as is the BBQ pork, but the coleslaw is still there and the last of roast beef went into the freezer for another day.
  • Dinner $2.60 – Chicken salad pita, using up chicken, lettuce, and some sour cream dip from last week, some pita bread from the freezer, and whatever else I think it needs.  Plus some veggie mash I had planned for last week but didn’t get around to.


  • Breakfast – Baked Oatmeal, and I already had everything, although I might break into the orange juice I bought for later in the week.  This is the last day of break, so I want to do something special.  The rest of the breakfasts focus on speed, without resorting to cereal everyday.
  • Lunch – prolly leftovers again.  Gah, I am getting so sick of eating leftovers, but I cook for all 6 people who live here, although all 6 don’t always eat what I cook . . .
  • Dinner $9 – Broccoli and Cheese stuffed shells It took me a while to realize that cheese, especially GOOD cheese is just as expensive as meat, so going vegetarian (and therefore eating more cheese and eggs for protein variety) for frugality’s sake is silly, as is pouring on the cheese as my children would like me to do.  But I like to go veg at least one dinner a week for health reasons and lifestyle reasons, so instead of filling the shells I found in my pantry with cheese I am adding a whole bunch of broccoli to the dish, too, and my homemade pasta sauce.


  • Breakfast – Cookies! I love serving the kids cookies for breakfast.  🙂 And I already have everything on hand, with the dry mix made up in the pantry, and homemade applesauce.
  • Dinner $7.75- Roast Chicken, with roasted veggies, and Yorkshire pudding Mmmm, comfort food . . .


  • Breakfast $5.29 – Instant baked apples This is a new one for us, but it sounded yummy (I love greek yoghurt, and got more than was needed, hence the high price) and was full of seasonal yumminess!
  • Dinner $2.87 – One of our faves:  cabbage and noodles.  Since I had a pound of polish sausage in the freezer, that will be added which makes this even yummier.


  • Breakfast $4.45- Eggs and Toast, done special.  This is so expensive because I am including a whole loaf of bread and a dozen eggs.  Since I am not going to be baking my own bread, I chose to spend a little extra on non-HFCS bread.  I really need to bake up a bunch of loaves to stick in the freezer . . .
  • Dinner $11.27- Crock pot Oriental chicken, plain rice from the rice cooker, and cabbage with snow peas.  I needed a crockpot dinner, because this is Girl Scout meeting day, and this will give me a couple of pounds of frozen chicken breasts as leftovers.



  • Dinner – Meatball soup made from meatballs from the freezer and an assortment of canned and frozen veggies, and homemade stock, of course! 🙂

I haven’t posted many lunches, because those are mostly creative recreations of leftovers, with added fruit and veggies.  I have planned to make cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, hummus, and peanut butter and jelly “sushi” for the kids this week. 🙂


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