Week 3

So, since we had DD’s birthday this weekend, and then a school holiday yesterday, my weekly schedule got all messed up.  🙂 But the party was a blast.  This week we have a little more breathing room, so the $130 grocery bill didn’t pinch very bad.  In the next couple of weeks, my roommates are going to be moving out, so we’ll see how I do scaling down to cooking for only 4, and shopping for only 4.  Hopefully I will be able to get our regular shopping trip down under $100 each week.
This week, I tried to focus on healthier foods since I am running out of frozen stash and pantry stash.  On the whole, it is more expensive to eat healthier, because processed crud is kept intentionally cheap.  I will also have extra stuff to either eat as lunches throughout the week, or put in the freezer or pantry.  I think next week I will impose a “no pasta” rule, though.  There is entirely too much of it this week!  🙂 On to the menu:


  • Breakfast – smoothies from whatever was in the fridge and freezer
  • Lunch – Party food: wraps, macaroni salad, stuffed celery, cake, trail mix
  • Dinner – leftovers


  • Breakfast – Leftover breakfast burritos (eggs, the last of last week’s roast, a smidge of cheese, and the last tortillas)
  • Lunch – leftovers from party (I had some cancellations, so there was lots of extra food)
  • Dinner $19.55 – Mediterranean Pizzas with lemon scented couscous.  Really expensive, I know, but a) Hubby requested it and b)I only used half of the stuff I bought for this.  I will be having Mediterranean stuff for lunch all week!





  • Breakfast $2.29 – cereal
  • Lunch $2.89 – Lunch wraps, plus assorted veggies and fruit
  • Dinner $10.17 – Homemade hamburger helper; I’m going to make a full batch of the mix portion for the pantry, and the lasagna version with ground turkey for dinner, probably with a green salad


  • Breakfast – eggs and whatever is still in the fridge
  • Lunch – leftovers 🙂
  • Dinner $7.52 – Pork Fried Rice, with added stir fry veggies

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