Week 4, Winners/Losers

Well, for this week, it is definitely a week of winners.  We had several, in fact.  On Sunday, we had a major win for the adults, Sweet Potato Enchiladas, although the kids thought it was too spicy (???? They’re crazy!).  I had leftover filling, and it was good with crackers for lunch!  For convenience and flavor, this Brat recipe is awesome.  I liked not having to have my husband grill them, and then wait for his “perfect” brats, which take hours and hours, and are really best the next day.  Although I think next time, I might sear them in a pan first, as these turned out slightly . . .pasty looking.  🙂  I like my brats a nice caramel color.  My last winner for the week is Breakfast Sausage.  But it is super!  I like that it is made from turkey, but tastes like regular breakfast sausage, can be done in patties or crumbles, and freezes wonderfully.  It is even great as sausage on a pizza!


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