Once a Month Mom

Once you have done OAMC style cooking for a while, you start noticing that the same menus keep showing up everywhere on the internet. How to use 30 pounds of ground beef. How to use 10 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breasts. Same old recipes: lasagna, meatballs, dump chicken, King Ranch Chicken. There is nothing wrong with these recipes (except King Ranch Chicken, anything with that many cans involved is EVIL). They are everywhere because they are tried and true.

But once you’re an OAMC pro, you’re ready for something new. Maybe something a bit fresher tasting. Maybe something vegetarian.

Maybe you have issues with canned soups (because they are evil).

Once you are ready for some OAMC menu plans that will really knock your socks off, head over to Once a Month Mom, if you haven’t already. The site is well laid out and easy to navigate. If you like going to a site and downloading a full menu, with complete cooking and freezing instructions, shopping lists, and labels for your freezer containers; you are going to LOVE this site.

I also love the fact that there is a Vegetarian menu each month, a Diet menu each month, a Gluten Free/Dairy Free menu, and a WHOLE FOODS menu (not affiliated with the grocery store chain, but using mostly whole foods, cooked from scratch) each month in addition to their Traditional menu. Most of their recipes come from outside cooking sites and blogs, and then are tested for freezability. Once the recipes are deemed freezable, they are assembled into a seasonally appropriate menu, which can be scaled easily for any number of servings.

Even though I have never used a complete menu, and therefore their cooking day instructions, I have read through them and think they are really well thought out.

One of my kids’ favorite recipes that is actually posted on the site is Stuffed Turkey Burgers. I loved the month that featured Buffalo Chicken flavored almost everything!  And this is a menu where almost everything is something my family would eat (and I would save the Shrimp Scampi for nights when the kids are at MeMaw’s).


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