Ellen’s Kitchen

I wanted to share another jewel of a website with you: Ellen’s Kitchen. I don’t know Ellen, don’t even know her last name, but I know I would love to take a cooking class from her. She writes in a pleasant, informative, and unique voice which is easy to read, much like Maggie from the old Hillbilly Housewife days. Like Maggie, she has shared and ENORMOUS amount of helpful information and recipes over the years, but not in a regular pattern. I imagine she has a full life beyond the screen. 🙂

I go to Ellen’s Kitchen whenever I am in need of large quantities of food. I mean, LARGE. Are you considered catering your own wedding? She’s got you covered (and may even try to talk you out of it). Would you like to host a Thanksgiving dinner for your community? She’s got you covered (and may even try to talk you out of it). Planning a barbecue for the neighborhood? She’s got you covered.

I also can tell she spent quite a while in Texas, because this woman understands brisket.  In Texas, brisket is one of those dishes that defines true Texas cooking.  Nowhere else would they look at this fatty, mostly inedible seeming piece of beef and say, “Yeah, THAT’S good eating!”  Up in New England, they brine and corn it, turning it into luscious deli meats like corned beef and pastrami.  In the Midwest, they’ve never heard of it (and think barbecue is only for pork – heathens!).  I’m afraid to find out what they do with it in California, but down here it is slathered with seasoning and slow cooked for HOURS in a smoker.  When it’s done right, it is fall apart tender, smoky, and just about heavenly in flavor.  When it’s not done right, it looks and taste like charcoal.  It takes knowledge, experience, patience, and love to make good brisket.  Ellen shows she knows that when she talks about it.

She also has a wonderful OAMC section, but it is kinda hard to find, so here are some of the links (all found near the bottom of “Get Out The Big Pots!”:

I like how Ellen gives you tried and true recipes, and I love her commentary on each one.  I like how she sets off her recipes in boxes so you can find them easily.  I like how she gives you the pros and cons of cooking such large portions of food.


2 thoughts on “Ellen’s Kitchen”

    1. You’re welcome! I really do love your site, and refer to it often. 🙂 In fact, I am planning on making a small batch of your Oatmeal Muffin Squares this week to put in the freezer for school mornings.

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