Cinnamon Flop Brunch Cake

I love serving this cake for breakfast. It’s extremely quick, taking about 35 minutes start to finish (while the coffee is brewing, and I’m still in brainless zombie mode). When it’s on the menu during the school year, I have to remember to start it first, and then pack up lunches while it is baking. If I try to do it the other way around, I usually end up hoping there are muffins in the freezer, because I run out of time!

Now, you can boost the nutrition on this by adding fruit, and I have done this successfully (and yummily!). But unless you are about talking raisins or some other dried fruit, leave it for the weekend. It adds at least 10 minutes to the cooking time, and it becomes much harder to tell if the cake is cooked (especially in braindead zombie phase). Dried fruit does not seem to affect the baking time, though. Adding fruit to the cake after baking would be great (sliced bananas on top).

I also usually cut the recipe in half, and bake it in a 8″x8″ pan. Which gives me 5 servings, technically, but I just cut into quarters and call it done.


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