Relish! – Set Up

First off in the meal planning service trials is Relish! A 3 month subscription costs $21, although you can find promo codes on the net for 15% off. It was very easy to set up an account, and I was able to look at the current week’s menu immediately.

The site’s FAQ seemed less than useful, though, not actually answering the questions I had. Like are the freezer meals on the list things that you can make that week, or should you already have them made and now would be a good time to pull them out and eat them (Answer: it’s the first one, and it’s by month)? How do you navigate to pages 11-19 of the list of past meal ideas since there is no “next” button, only a “last” (Answer: click the elipsis in front of the “last” button).

Also, the Welcome Video (which did not buffer well when I tried to watch it on my netbook, and so it stuttered the whole time), talks about having tools to so that you can check your menu while you are grocery shopping, adding and deleting things from your list. I thought this meant there was an app for my iPhone. Um, nope. But their mobile site is very nicely designed, but also needs some work.

So far, just looking over the menu choices both for the regular and for the freezer, I am very pleased with the choices available. Some of the items could be made as lunches. I also like the versatility of having 15 different meal ideas to choose from. You even have the ability to look through past meal ideas and add them to your current week. I may need to test to see if I can add enough meal ideas to do a lunch plan as well as dinner.

They need a good editor working for them, there are lots of typos. And while it is flashy and slick looking, it seems . . . not intuitive. While I can’t put my finger on exactly why, the site frustrates me. We’ll see how things progress as I actually use the site.

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