Relish! Day 4

Scrambled Eggs and Canadian Bacon $8.80
This was fine. I added some bananas, because I had them and we love them. The eggs themselves were fine, but I generally don’t add milk. I didn’t get a bunch of chives just for my breakfast; I’m the only one in my family who likes raw onions or onion-like foods. So I sliced up half a green onion for my breakfast, and it was really good. I also subbed fat free Greek yoghurt for the sour cream (which I do all the time now).

So, these were fine, but nothing stood out as good enough to keep the recipe. Especially at a $9 price tag.

Slow Cooker Mu Shu Chicken Wraps, with Asian Vegetables $14.59
This was nom, and a very good meal for my crazy “just got home from a Girl Scout meeting, and I can barely think, much less cook” nights. The chicken recipe was on the sweet side (mostly hoisin sauce), and could easily be adapted to a OAMC dump chicken recipe. The kids loved this one.

The vegetables were good, too, but a little under flavored for me. I think if I were to make this dish again, I would probably go with a big bag of frozen Asian veggie mix to save myself all the chopping – since I am pegging this as a good meal for crazy, no energy to cook nights. It will make this a little nicer for my budget, too.


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