Relish! Day 5

Egg Salad in Pita $3.87
Their directions for making egg salad were different than mine, and looked to take more time, so I used my method with their ingredient list. Since I packed these for my kids’ lunches, I liked the fact that they use a leaf of lettuce as a moisture barrier between the egg salad and the pita, but since I was using real pita and not pre-cut sandwich pockets (overprocessed, chemical laden, icky) – these were a PITA to put together before I had coffee. Luckily breakfast involved pulling muffins out of the freezer.

For myself, instead of trying to shove the egg salad in a pita, I toasted pita wedges in a dry skillet (my FAVORITE way to prep pita, it turns “meh” pita to OMG! pita), then used the wedges to scoop up the egg salad.

The taste was fine, nothing unusual or fantastic. I won’t be keeping this recipe.

Pizza Night! California White Pizza, and Reuben Pizza $13.87
Again, I modified their recipe to suit our family, because the original recipe called for frozen bread dough. We do pizza night once a week, so my husband (the pizza chef) makes up giant batches of pizza dough, and we freeze them until pizza night each week. As you can see, he really loaded on the kalamata olives. I love olives. My daughter loves olives. The boys DETEST olives! 🙂 Unfortunately, I was at a training meeting this evening so I couldn’t ask my husband to go a little lighter on the olives, because unfortunately all I tasted was olives. The very expensive cheese spread that served as a sauce for this pizza didn’t come through at all. Argh. This recipe will not be saved.

The Reuben pizza, made with leftover corned beef and cabbage, was excellent – really tasted like a reuben sandwich. Mmmmmmmmmmmm . . .


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