Relish! Completely frustrated


I went to go to the grocery store today. I managed to weasel out with leftovers and freezer stuff for lunch and breakfast, but I needed food for dinner, and for tomorrow morning.

And Relish! wouldn’t come up.

I tried variations (with the www, without the www), I tried to see if the site was down, I waited a few minutes. The site was not down, it just wouldn’t load until I got home to my wi-fi.

Wow, is THAT inconvenient. I mean, it’s like they TELL you that you can sync your shopping list to your mobile device, and then when you try to utilize this feature, it doesn’t work. While you are standing at the grocery store. Wasting your time, because the service you are PAYING to SAVE YOU TIME DOESN’T WORK AS ADVERTISED.

Okay, so this whole “sync to your mobile device” is garbage on top of garbage. You have to sync YOUR LIFE to THEIR SCHEDULE, or waste more time searching for the recipes YOU HAD TO PLAN FOR THE WEEK.

What exactly am I paying for?


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