Relish! Day 10

Breakfast: Quiche Muffins with Spicy Hashbrowns $6.05
This was really tasty. I think that 4 baking potatoes was a bit much for breakfast, especially since I still have half of them left. I often wonder whether the people who write recipes truly use the amounts listed, or if they just don’t get the ginormous produce we get down here in Texas. For instance, I was supposed to use an entire onion for the quiches. I specifically got small onions this week, and they are still the size of my closed fist. I like onions, and I don’t think I could deal with that much onion in my eggs. So I only put in half.

This would make a nice Brunch menu with some fruit salad – for 6-8 people.

Lunch: Fruit and Cheese Lunch $16.03
Yeah, this was expensive, but to be fair, it was so expensive because I had to buy a lot of stuff that would only get used once, but will be eaten throughout the week as snacks, like Babybel cheese, a bag of grapes, a box of Wheat thins. Even if I had been able to scale this down to only 2 servings to match what I wold actually cook, I still would have had to pay the same amount. I don;t think there will be any complaints on this lunch. Cheese is one of my kids’ favorite foods.

Dinner: Slow Cooker Soy and Ginger Chicken with Steamed Broccoli $10.32
This was really good. A keeper. It was also fairly budget friendly, if you already have some rice in the pantry, or don;t decide to go for the jasmine listed in the recipe. Tuesdays are usually my crazy night during the school year, with Girl Scout meetings lasting until 5. A couple of years ago, I was really going insane trying to either get cooking done after I got home, completely exhausted; or we would end up going out or ordering pizza – busting our budget. Then my husband suggested making Girl Scout night our crockpot meal night. I have so gotten into the habit that even throughout the summer, when I didn’t have any meetings, we still had crockpot meals on Tuesdays. This is often a big pot of beans that can be easily thrown into quick burritos or a salad, but sometimes it was a full meal like this. After my meeting, we came home to fully cooked chicken, cooked rice in the rice cooker, and all I had to do was chop some broccoli into florets and steam in the microwave.


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