Relish! Day 12

Breakfast: Slow Cooker Maple Walnut Oatmeal $5.39
I really liked this. We are an oatmeal loving family, and we love oatmeal pretty much any way we can get it. I grew up eating those overprocessed instant oatmeal packets (mmmmm, peaches and cream . . ) and loved microwaving them until they were just shy of a solid block of cooked oatmeal, then adding a touch of milk to loosen it up. This reminded me of those days of concentrated oatmeal goodness, but without the chemicals and strange colors. It has all the chewiness, with a little crunch form the nuts, nicely sweet from apples and maple syrup. Yup, this one is going in the recipe database.

The last time I tried to make oatmeal in the slow cooker, I used my rice cooker (which had a slow cooker function, I’m not crazy). But, steel cut oats require room, LOTS of room. Rice doesn’t really have a lot of starch on the outside of the grains, not when you compare it to oats. A full cooker of rice will not make a mess on your counter; a small 1 c. portion of steel cut oatmeal will bubble so big it will literally blow through the steam vents dripping all over your rice cooker and all over your counter. While you are sleeping, because you wanted oatmeal for breakfast. Ask me how I know, go on, ask me. 🙂

This batch cooked perfectly, filled my 5 qt. crockpot halfway (1 c. of oatmeal!), got a little burnt on the bottom, but once I stirred it up, not a problem.

Lunch: Ham and Apple Wraps with Yogurt Honey Sauce and Cucumber Quinoa Salad $10.64
The kids liked the ham and cheese wrapped around apple wedges, one liked the sauce and one didn’t, and neither of them liked the salad. They will both eat quinoa, so the dressing must have been the problem.

This was fussier than I thought it was going to be. And I thought it was going to be pretty fussy (which was why breakfast was scoop and serve). This recipe was apparently designed with cheaper ham slices cut from formed loaves, which would be firm and not tear. The nice black forest ham I got from the deli counter tore and would not wrap.

Dinner: Pizza Night – Corn Pizza $9.08
No picture, sorry. I was at Girl Scout Rally Night, forming new troops for the year, so didn’t get dinner until after 9. I am not going hold the boboli crusts against the recipe, even though they are actually called for. We usually keep a stash of pizza dough in the freezer, but we ran out after last week, and DH didn’t get a chance to make more (as I have said, he is the pizza chef) this week.

Reheated, this was pretty nommy. Maybe I will take a pic at lunch today as I eat the last of the leftovers.


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