This Week: $70 Emergency Menu

The last two weeks on Relish! made me feel exorbitant. Not “well, that was anice treat”, but “OMG I BROKE THE BUDGET”. So I am going to do a financial detox: The original Hillbilly Housewife $70 Emergency Menu. I only plan on 5 days of cooking a week (we usually eat with family on the weekends, and finish off leftovers), so I will be modifying the menu a bit.

Also, since I am not needing to crank down the budget as low as I possibly can, I am going to add in some fresh veggies. Maggie’s menu is based on the idea that you are down to the end of the month and you have kids that shouldn’t feel like you are down to the end of the month. there are lots of carbs to fill bellies, and very little by way of fresh fruits and veggies. So I plan on cutting out half the carbs for most meals (biscuits AND rice?), adding in some fresh salads (since I have 3 mostly full bottles of salad dressing left over . . gah), and buying some fresh fruit for snacks.

The menu below may not look exactly the same as Maggie’s, and it isn’t. I took Maggie’s menu as a starting point, found recipes in my database that either matched or were similar to Maggie’s. The thought process went something like “She has meatloaf for lunch on Sunday, but the start of my week is Monday, so I will put meatloaf for dinner on Monday, and I already have Alton Brown’s meatloaf recipe in my database, and it has more veggie’s than Maggie’s does, so I will use it, then meatloaf sandwiches for lunch the next day . . .” And so forth. This only took about 20 minutes, including making up the shopping list.

Tropical Coconut Bread
Ham and Egg Muffins
Carrot Muffins (from the freezer)
Breakfast Cookies
French Toast with bananas

Peanut Butter Noodles
Meatloaf Sandwiches, carrot sticks
Beanie Weenies, broccoli salad
Hot Dog and Veggie Stir Fry
Tuna Salad sandwiches, Cinnamon apples

Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans
Boston Baked Beans, cornbread casserole
Tuna Patties, biscuits, green salad
Pizza Night – Italian sausage and pepper, and Hawaiian
Lentil Tacos, calabacitas


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