$70 Menu, Day 2

Breakfast: Carrot Muffins $0
This was <a href="https://scoutsfreezer.wordpress.com/2012/08/26/i-3-muffins/&quot; title="I another batch of muffins using the Universal Muffin Mix with grated carrots, cardamon, and raisins. Yummy, like carrot cake without the icing. Which is part of the reason for eating carrot cake, so sometimes I put cream cheese on these muffins. But not this morning, I am being good. 🙂

Lunch: Meatloaf Sandwiches $2.25
Classic leftovers lunch, but since I don’t really cook meatloaf often – at least not as a loaf, I cook meatloaf muffins more often – I don’t often have meatloaf leftover. Add some carrot sticks and apple pieces, and it’s a very quick lunch. It was nice to be able to sleep in a while this morning.

Dinner: Boston Baked Beans, Cornbread Casserole $7.97
I love cornbread casserole. It is easy, and it is delicious, and it is actually mostly okay – even though it seems like a lot of processed foods. Creamed corn is the worst offender in the recipe. Because of my qualms about the ingredients, it doesn’t come around in the recipe rotation often.

Originally, Maggie had Boston Baked Beans, macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, and fresh bread on the menu. That’s a lot of carbs and not a lot of veggies. Yes, beans are a veggie, but they are not a good colorful one like spinach or carrots or tomatoes. The more colorful the plate, the more healthy, so I chose to take out the yellow from mac and cheese and the white coleslaw and white bread, and substituted yellow of corn and cornbread in the cornbread casserole.

Maggie’s Boston Baked Beans recipe has bacon in it, and that is the bulk of the cost for this dish. Especially when you get the all natural uncured bacon which is nearly $5 for less than a pound, but doesn’t contain things I’m not sure the use of. But it tastes soooo good. And the bacon will be used in other dishes this week to spread out the cost. It also has molasses in it, which gives the beans their characteristic brown color, in addition to a nummy flavor. I thought I had some, but I didn’t so my beans were pale and strange looking. They tasted good, though.


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