The Scramble, Day 6

Breakfast: AM Cobbler $3.85
This is one of our standard frugal braindead breakfasts. I literally didn’t have anything on hand for this one, and it still cost less than $4, because it only really requires 2 ingredients: granola (bought or homemade), and fruit. I usually buy a bag (about 1 pound) of frozen fruit, but you can use canned, fresh, whatever works for you.

If you are using frozen, put the fruit in a microwave safe bowl (one cup per person capacity) and thaw on half power for about 10 minutes. Start your coffee, start making lunches. When the microwave starts beeping at you, grab a potholder and pull out the HOT bowl of not-so frozen fruit. Top it with 2 cups of granola. Push the granola down into it, get a lot of contact between the granola and fruit. Then stick it back in the microwave for another 10 minutes on High. Again, use a potholder to pull it out of the microwave – that sucker is gonna get hot.

If you use canned fruit, skip the first step, add some of the juice from the can (but not all). If you use fresh fruit, do the first step, maybe adding a little liquid to help cook the fruit.

You can gussy this up however you want, but you just can’t beat the basic recipe for speed and lack of brainpower necessary. Topping it with vanilla yoghurt is an awesome way to gussy it up, though.

Lunch: Leftovers $0
The kids ended up with lots of leftovers from this weekend, so the boy got to take a slice of Bosnian pizza, and the girl got the last bit of lamb shank. Both of the got apples to go with it, because I bought a bag of apples.

Dinner: Balsamic Chicken Salad $13.69
This is the most expensive meal of the week, but I can’t help noticing that this is a meal that would easily cost $15 for a single serving at a restaurant. And this was restaurant quality, at least casual restaurant quality – like Applebee’s. The chicken was supposed to be grilled, but my grill master said he would rather relax before his Cub Scout Pack meeting than grill, if that’s okay. Eh, sure. So I sauteed the chicken, and it was nom. I’m the only one with blue cheese on their salad, but it was soooooo good, they missed out.


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