Why I am playing catchup

This where I spent the weekend. And here is a recipe my girls cooked this weekend:

Three Sisters Stew
30 minutes, 12 servings

45oz canned beans (mix it up, we used mayocoba and purple hull peas)
45oz canned corn
15oz canned squash
15oz canned pumpkin
3 packages cornbread
3 eggs

Start your charcoal. Open all cans and drain liquids into a small pot. Pour beans, corn and squash into large dutch oven. Scoop pumpkin into dutch oven, and mix everything up. Add can liquid until it is a nice stew consistency, and dump rest in the woods. Mix up cornbread mix in a separate bowl/pot. Use water instead of milk, and make it thicker than the package says. Pour batter on top of stew. Put dutch oven over 8 coals, and put 9 on top. Let cook for 20-30 minutes or until cornbread is cooked through. If your coals die out before the cornbread is cooked through, just mix it all together. It will still be delicious.


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