Freezer Cleanout, Day 2

Tuesday started a little better than Monday,but I think the best thing was being able to sleep in a little bit, knowing that breakfast was practically made.

Breakfast: Breakfast Cookies $2.09
I had a bag made up in the pantry, but I was out of applesauce. Also, I need to stop making bags of this without any dried fruit in it. It’s just not as good.

Lunch: Whole Lotta Rolls $1
Cucumber rolls, banana rolls, and meatballs – not the most colorful lunch I’ve sent, but it has all four food groups and heaviest on the produce. It also used up the last of the frozen meatballs, the last of the vegetable cream cheese, and the last of TWO nearly empty packages of tortillas for a freezer cleanout triple score! All I purchased was the fresh produce.

Dinner: Meatloaf, peas, and something $0
Originally, the plan was to serve this mashed potatoes. but apparently, I already used the mashed potatoes, and forgot to mark them off my list.

Also – while rummaging around the freezer, I found two packages of pizza dough (yeah, no Boboli run this week!) and a rack of ribs. I think we need another week of freezer cleanout after this week . . .


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