Freezer Cleanout, Day 4

Breakfast: Raisin Toast $2
Plain and simple, but for my kids it’s a huge treat, and I knew I would have most of a loaf of raisin bread left after making the sandwiches for lunch, so I planned it. Seriously. No, I’m not just being lazy! 😉

Lunch: Carrot Cake Tea Sandwiches $7.59
I think tea parties are very cool. I think the sandwiches are the coolest part, and when I started getting serious about bento-style lunch packing, I realized just how far you could take a theme. My kids would get pretty little bentos filled with cucumber sandwiches (fancy cut, of course), mini cream scones, and fruit salad. I don’t do that so much anymore, but I do still have the recipes. And tea sandwiches work great for lunchboxes, because they are built to hold at room temp for a while. This particular recipe, less than most, but hey – it’s carrot cake flavored! Add some cucumbers and apples, and you have a produce heavy lunch that is vegetarian and very kid friendly.

I also tried something new I found at the store – a powdered sugar substitute made from xylitol. It was not noticeable, which is a good thing. I will probably try this the next time I am making a birthday cake.

Dinner: Buffalo Chicken Pasta with Salad $1.77
I knew my son would turn his nose up at this. He has gotten into a “no spicy” phase after being in a “pass the jalapenos” phase, and he knows that “Buffalo” = spicy. So I called it chicken pasta. And he devoured it. It wasn’t that spicy, but it did have the Buffalo flavor. After he gave me a hug for a yummy dinner, I asked him how he liked the Buffalo sauce. And enjoyed watching his jaw drop. We’ll see how he takes it the next time he is offered Buffalo flavored something.


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