Freezer Cleanout, Week 2 Menu and Shopping

You know how you can look in your freezer, full of food, and say, “There’s nothing to eat” – like looking at a closet full of clothes you just don’t want to wear one more time. Rotation is key and eating down the freezer is not just a frugal choice but one that allows you to add new and different recipes. This past week was really good for cleaning out the freezer, and I think this week will just about finish the job.

And then it’s time to start filling it again! 🙂

Groceries this week were $90, not counting the snack food I got for our Girl Scout meeting this week (omg – found fruit snacks that are made with ONLY fruit and aren’t priced like they are made of gold! YAY!)

Muffins (clean ’em out!)
Cinnamon Flop
Sausage Pear English Muffins
Oatmeal (with pineapple and coconut this week)
Fighter Biscuits

Pita Pizzas
Fiesta Lunch
Ham and Pepper Rolls, Green Rice
Monkeyphant lunch
Breakfast for Lunch

Alfredo Lasagna
Baby Back Ribs, salad
Pizza night
Broccoli and Cheese TBP
Cordon Bleu Roll, Sweet Potatoes


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