Freezer Cleanout, Day 8

Breakfast: Carrot Mini Muffins $0
I am almost out of muffins – Yay! Of course, that means it is time to start thinking about how kind of muffins to make next . . .

Lunch: Pita Pizza $5.68
Super easy lunch, and nicely freezable. So, two went into lunches, and four went into the freezer (mmmm, new freezer goodies).

Dinner: Alfredo Lasagna $9.32
Remember that extra alfredo sauce I had from last week? Well, I also had a huge amount of leftover lasagna noodles, and gee doesn’t alfredo lasagna sound good??? Of course I couldn’t find a recipe, so I had to make one up.  And while I was doing it, I invited my daughter to come in for an impromptu lasagna building lesson.  This particular lasagna had turkey, zucchini, spinach, and onions in the meaty chunky layer.  The alfredo was so thick, I took some of the pasta cooking liquid and swirled it around the jar to get every last drop, but I used too much, and so the lasagna was a little looser than I would have liked in this layer.  The cheesy layer was my usual cottage cheese, egg, and parsley.  And all the extra lasagna noodles are GONE!


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