Freezer Cleanout, Day 10

Breakfast: Sausage and Pear English Muffins $8.23
This is a great breakfast I found that really screams “Fall” to me. I have not always been a big pear fan, that gritty texture always throws me. But now that I have learned to cook pears before trying to eat them, I really like the flavor. This is one of those recipes where pears really work for me. Like apples, pears taste like they belong with pork sausage – and would probably even work with the soy-based sausages. These will definitely be making an appearance on my next OAMC menu, in bulk.

Lunch: Fiesta Lunch $7.98
Chicken Salad, Tex-Mex style, and tortillas to wrap it up in.

Dinner: Pizza Night! $0
Yummmmmmmmy, yummmmmmmy pizza night last night with a pepperoni pizza that my son equated to cafeteria pizza, “but better”, and BBQ chicken (with toppings I had stashed in the freezer!) that was one of the best BBQ pizzas my husband says he has ever had. I liked how the dough came out this time, chewy and bubbly. 😀


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