Wildly Affordable Organic, Week 1 Menu and Shopping

The next two weeks, I am going to be using menus based on a website and a book.  As in the menu is on the website, the recipes are from the book.  I already owned the book, and really like it; but if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have felt like it was a splurge at less than $15 for the physical book and less than $10 for the ebook.

I am going to be cooking the Winter Challenge Menus, classic version, and I will feel free to modify it to fit my family.  For instance, my family always eats homemade pizza once a week.  It is becoming a bonding thing for my husband and son.  I am inserting it into the weekly menu, but I am using a WAO recipe for it (but the Jamie Oliver dough recipe my husband always uses).  We also are not vegetarian, although we don’t eat a lot of meat.  But I plan on adding some chuck roast to the chili this week, half a pound will be plenty for 8 servings to give us the flavor of meat while still trying to keep the spirit of WAO.

This week, grocery shopping was pretty normal actually, for us:  $92.

Biscuits (to use up leftover biscuit mix)
Sweet Raisin Flatbread (WAO)
AM Cobbler
Baked Sweet Potatoes with Cinnamon Yoghurt Sauce (WAO)

Applesauce Sandwiches, Ant-less Logs
Pita Pizzas, Broccoli Salad
Moroccan Chicken, Glazed carrots
Dippers Lunch
PB&J, celery sticks

Pasta with Red Sauce, Green Beans, Pudding
Black Bean Chili, Rice, Glazed Carrots
Winter Kale Pizza
Leftover Pasta and Green Beans, Baked Pears
Sesame Noodles with Kale

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