WAO, Day 3

Breakfast: Morning Cobbler $6.17
It’s my lovely 2 ingredient breakfast. This morning, we had blueberries with our granola, a yummy change from our usual strawberries. I wanted peaches, but I could only get the BIG bag of frozen peaches.

I think over the next couple of weeks, I need to make a big batch of cooked cinnamon apples, and freeze it in bags to use in this recipe. Mmmmm, cinnamon apple cobbler. Crunch. Crumble. I need to come up with a new name, too.

Lunch: Dippers Lunch $5
Simple, simple. Hummus, a bag of pita chips, and a bunch of veggie sticks. This morning I cut up celery and bell pepper. And I added half an apple for dessert.

Dinner: Winter Kale Pizza $1.25
So, last night was Halloween. And I had a billion other things to get done. So my brain was not on making sure I got pictures of food. But dinner was really good, even if my 6yo son whined about the kale and tried to get out of eating it until I told him: No kale, no candy. Then there was still whining, but not so much trying to get out of it.

The hubby and I liked the kale pizza. We used the red sauce I made earlier in the week, plus some onions and kale sauteed in bacon grease – from the bacon, of course. Mmmmm, I love greens with bacon. So, even though the original recipe in the WAO book called for no meat, I added a bit of bacon.

The pizza chef also tried out a recipe he has been thinking about: breakfast pizza. We used up what we had, so the last eggs and some more bacon (mmmmmm, bacon), the red sauce and some green salsa, and some cheddar cheese. It was good, but next time, there needs to be hash browns.


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