WAO, Day 4

Breakfast: Cereal $0
I had planned on making the Raisin Flatbread recipe from the WAO cookbook, but that involves getting out the breadmaker, and making dough, and . . .yeah, I just didn’t have the time this week. Next week. So the kids had cereal with bananas for breakfast.

Lunch: Moroccan Chicken $0.25
I pulled a chicken breast out of the freezer, chopped it small so it cooked fast, seasoned it up and and sauteed it quickly. Meanwhile, I boiled water with a couple of chopped carrots in it (the only thing I bought fresh this week for this lunch). Once the water was boiling, and the carrots were cooked; I turned off the heat, added some garlic and turmeric, and stirred in some couscous. Mmmmm, the whole kitchen smelled yummy.

Dinner: Plan-overs, with Baked Pears $8.64
Leftover red sauce, linguine from the pantry, peas from the freezer. The cost of this meal is all from the baked pears. Actually, it is from the big container of Greek yogurt I bought the cinnamon yogurt sauce.


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