WAO Recap, The Fresh 20 Set Up

I like the WAO style of cooking. Barring the total vegetarian-ness of it, this is very close to how I cook when left to my own devices: cook double for the freezer, plan on using extra food from one dish in another, cook simple food done well. I use more spices, though.

The Fresh 20 is the next meal planning service I am going to be trying. I really like the concept. They offer 5 dinners each week, complete with shopping list, recipes, and nutritional information all in one pdf file. Like WAO, the Fresh 20 also incorporates the idea of cook once, eat several times; as well as the idea of using the same ingredients for several different meals – which leads to how they came up with their name. Their shopping list is 20 items long. Period. To be honest, they also have what they call they Pantry 20: 20 items they consider pantry necessities, which if you are out of you will need to buy. They also claim that this helps you save money at the grocery store, which makes sense to me. From their site: “No more grocery lists with 80 items that will eventually go to waste.”

Like 3 different bottle of salad dressing.

It is only dinners, though, although they have an ebook with 6 weeks worth of lunch ideas.

Pros: Set-up was simple, and since there is no mix and match ability (as a 3 month subscriber, the shortest amount you can purchase, I get access to three weeks at a time and can choose) the site is not at all complicated to navigate through. There is an easy to find FAQ, which always helps, although it isn’t really necessary for this site.

Cons: They only accept Paypal, so I had to use my husband’s account since I don’t have my own. So now all the emails are going to him, until I change this (which was not difficult, simply edited my profile, which was easy to locate). The biggest con, though? The menus. There is no way to see a sample week on the site (you can get one by email, but this is not something easy to spot if you aren’t looking for it) nor can you see a list of what is on the menu for the past few weeks (not the recipes, just a list of meals). So there was no way for me to know that each week featured one meal that was fish (my son won’t eat fish unless it is tuna, and when I say fish, I mean halibut or salmon – not tuna), that brussel sprouts were featured (I don’t do brussel sprouts), or that I would need to find time to roast and chop my own sugar pumpkins.

Ummmmmmm, yeah. I had to pick the one week that was free of most obstacles for my family, and I am hoping REALLY HARD that the new menu for next week is a winner, otherwise I am going to be trying to find time to roast pumpkins. . . . cuz brussel sprouts are just NOT HAPPENING.

yes, I have tried them. a couple of times. more than one bite each time. different ways. they suck. if you like them, enjoy. I will stick with my full sized cabbage, thank you very much.


One thought on “WAO Recap, The Fresh 20 Set Up”

  1. Thanks so much for trying Wildly Affordable Organic! I’m thrilled to read about how it went for you. You’ve inspired me to go make some chocolate pudding on this cold and rainy day. Let me know if you ever have any questions about a recipe or technique & keep your home fires burning!

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