Fresh 20, Day 1

Breakfast: French Toast $0
This is one of those recipes I learned at the stove from my mother. Once I had mastered scrambled eggs, this was my next step. Apparently, our recipe is weird, in that you can decide at the very last minute to make it. While I very much enjoyed watching Alton Brown’s version of French Toast, it took waaaaaaay too much planning the night before. I’m good if I can remember to set my oatmeal each week (and there have been days I forget). So, if you are like me, here is a recipe for you (with bonus in process pics!).


In a shallow dish just bigger than your bread slices: add 1-2 eggs, 1/4-1/2 T. milk, tiny pinch of salt, 1/4 t. cinnamon, 1/2 t. vanilla PER PERSON. This recipe easily scales from 2-8 servings. The inexactness of the ingredients is because some bread soaks up more liquid than others. I was using day old homemade bread, so I used 6 eggs for 4 people, and since my bread was HUGE I used a pie plate. Pre-sliced bread doesn’t soak up as much.


Mix everything up, and then start soaking some bread in it while you get a nonstick pan heated over medium heat with a dab of butter. Don’t let the bread soak more than a minute or two, then flip it in the egg. Again, let it soak for a minute or two. Then transfer to the pan.


Cook the toast until the egg starts setting along the edges, and it is nicely brown, like this. Flip and repeat (you won’t see the egg on the edges on the second side). Done! The whole shebang takes 20 minutes for 4 servings, but you have to stand there and babysit it the whole time, so have leftovers or something baked to pack for lunches.

Also, did you notice? No added sugar. Make it as sweet as you like with syrup or powdered sugar. My favorite is cooked bananas and maples syrup, although cooked cinnamon apples is also nom.

Lunch: Leftover Casserole $0
Yeah, I chunked up some leftover cornbread, and tossed it with the last of the roasted veggies, baked at 350 while I made french toast (about 20-30 mintues), until brown.

Dinner: Thanksgiving Chicken Bake $14.24
Our first meal from the Fresh 20! It wasn’t too bad, but I should have added a salad. THis was the first time we have had chard, and it was not noticeable, except that my son pulled it out and gave me the look. He is very suspicious of leafy green stuff that has been cooked, like spinach or kale or chard or even basil.


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