Fresh 20, Day 2

Breakfast: Prune Muffins $0
These were pretty good, using my normal muffin mix and adding chopped prunes and poppy seeds. I have to figure out a way to chop prunes, though. Those are some seriously sticky things. Maybe dust them in muffin mix first, so at least the outside isn’t as sticky? Dipping my knife in hot water after every cut would do the job, but that is a lot of thinking for early morning, pre-coffee.

My daughter wanted to be reassured that she wasn’t going to get diarrhea from them before she ate a muffin, since we use prune juice as a laxative at our house for the kids.

Lunch: Leftovers! $0
Leftover Thanksgiving Chicken Bake, with leftover sweet potatoes, with fresh pickle salad for the kids’ lunchboxes this morning. Pickle Salad is the new name for the recipe, I think. Basically, it is thick sliced cucumbers doused in rice wine vinegar, sprinkled with salt and dill. For a lunch box, let it marinate for as long as you can, then drain off the liquid. If you sliced the cucumbers thinly, this would become refrigerator pickles – hence the name.

Dinner: Meximac and Cheese $17.11
This recipe was weird. I am used to making a bechamel and adding cheese to it to make a cheese sauce. This had me making a sauce with beaten eggs and milk and alternately adding this mixture into the hot noodles with the shredded cheese. My eggs scrambled because my noodles were too hot. And the sauce didn’t taste as good as mine.

And then I was supposed to add raw broccoli to this (along with cooked turkey). Since I had to box my dinner up to go, the broccoli had time to steam in the box, but I don’t think that my family had cooked broccoli at all. I love putting broccoli into mac and cheese, but I usually add it to the cooking noodles when there is about 3 minutes left so that it will be cooked, but not mushy.

Not a winner at this house.


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