Fresh 20, Day 3

Yesterday was a no good awful really bad day. I wasn’t feeling 100%, and then I spent all morning talking to tech support to try to get my printer to communicate with either of the computers so that I could get some paperwork done. My favorite was the little girl who told me that I needed to call my ISP, because they were the ones who provided my internet service – which is somehow the same as my home network in her brain. And then she had to end her script by saying that she hoped she was able to solve my issue. I really had to stop myself from laughing sardonically and asking her, “Really? REALLY?!?” le sigh. Then my one of my dogs got tummy problems and left evidence of this all over the house. But, this is about the food . . ..

Breakfast: Kolaches $
This morning I was planning on making morning cobbler. And the fact that my husband grabbed fresh strawberries in November instead of frozen was mildly irritating, but not worth a fight over, I could work with them. Not letting me know that he had served almost all of the granola to the kids over the weekend while he let me sleep in was not so cool. The letting me sleep in and feeding the kids, I am in no way complaining about, just not letting me know I needed more granola. So, off to the kolache store. Me and the kids did get some time to sit and chat, though, which was nice.

Lunch: Curried Chickpeas and Cauliflower $2.48
I like this recipe. I found it here when I was cruising for interesting vegetarian recipes. Since I had made a big batch of brown rice early in the week, it was a snap to put together in the morning. And look, I could use some of the strawberries in the kids’ lunches.

Dinner: Chinese Delivery $$$
Did I mention the really bad day? Yeah, I don’t cook on really bad days. I told my husband, and he said Chinese sounded good, but then ate Thai leftovers he brought home from work. We tried a new place, and the kids’s dishes were good, the crab rangoons were good, the soups were good. My fried rice sucked. If you are going to call something Celebration fried rice and make it the most expensive fried rice on your menu, don’t use overcooked shrimp that you haven’t bothered to clean and “krab” when your menu says “crab”.

But I got the oatmeal in the crockpot to try to get tomorrow started on the right foot.

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