Emptying the Box


This is how we get most of our weekly produce nowadays.  It’s kinda like a CSA, but I can skip weeks and I pay by the week. At our local Farmer’s Market, there is one farm that comes which offers these share boxes. They are HUGE – about 8-10″ deep, 18″ wide, and 3′ long.  It is always packed FULL, past the brim with goodies from a farm less than an hour drive from my house.

And it costs just $25. 


It always contains something that makes me run to Pinterest to find out to cook something, and it has been a struggle to empty that box – by which I mean, eat everything that came in it.  Or process it in some way that means we are not wasting good food.  

That’s why I feel the need to blog.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who says, “OMG, MORE GREENS?!?! What am I supposed to do with turnips?!?!” Or, “Where did I find that really good beet recipe?”

So what’s in it? Next time.  🙂


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