11/28/15 Box


Okay, this is last week’s box, and yesterday’s picture was from this week’s box, but you’ll still get the idea. Here’s what’s in a box designed to feed a family of 4 for a week:

  • Small head romaine lettuce
  • Small head red leaf lettuce
  • Bunch of dill
  • Bunch of cilantro
  • mustard greens
  • collard greens
  • bok choy 
  • Humongous head of Napa cabbage
  • arugula
  • 5 radishes
  • 4 beets
  • 4 turnips
  • 2 grapefruit
  • 8 tomatoes
  • 8 little bell peppers
  • 4 Meyer lemons

During the past week, I also bought some garlic, carrots, and celery.  I threw out about 2 tablespoons worth of dill and one tomato.  Those grapefruit may go, too, just because I can’t find anyone to eat them. I still have a few peppers and the lemons, but the rest all got eaten or used in some way! Huge win for me. Highlights of the week:

  • Beef stew is totally the way to go with turnips.  I’ve tried pickling and roasting and hated both.  Stew was awesome.
  • Beet bread. So awesome it gets its own post.
  • Arugula makes good spicy pesto, when cut with some basil.  It reminds me of the pesto my mom makes when she grows purple Thai basil.
  • Taco pickles are fantastic. And the only way I enjoy radishes.
  • Fresh dill and cheddar added to my regular Greek yogurt based biscuits are delish.
  • The secret to greens? Cook them forever.  Either simmered with some kind of pork product, southern style; or boiled and then simmered in a tomato sauce. Both worked.

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