Tuesday: busy, busy, busy

Busy day for the family today. I’m working this afternoon, my daughter has an interview for the Digital Media Academy High School, my husband and son have a Cub Scout Den meeting tonight, and I have a Girl Scout Leader meeting. So, what’s the plan for dinner? Pasta! Normally, I have a crockpot running with a one pot meal for nights like this, but i knew I wanted to make a big batch of buffalo chicken this week – which means cooking several side dishes to get veggies on the plate. Not gonna happen tonight. Instead, I’m going to make some pesto this afternoon before work, and then cook the pasta when I get home, and assemble a salad while the pasta cooks. 20 minutes, no problem.  

 Yeah, no picture of breakfast this morning. It was boring. No veggies. English muffin with Canadian bacon pulled from the freezer, topped with a freshly fried egg. I have tried freezing scrambled eggs, and I just can’t stand the texture they get; so this is my solution to freezing breakfast sandwiches without having that be a problem. 

For lunch, the kids are getting. . . Well, my menu plan said “rice bowl”, but it ended up being a lot more structured looking, huh? So, rice sautéed with a banana pepper and some onion, topped with cilantro and cheddar, Trader Joe’s Southwestern Style Chicken Poppers, roasted sweet potatoes, cranberry beans, and orange wedges. I think it looks pretty nom.   

 For my lunch, more cleaning out the fridge with Buddha Bowl leftovers. No red cabbage or avocado left, so I added some color with sautéed Napa cabbage and red pepper and banana pepper. I also had a serving of those chicken poppers, but it was in the oven when I took the picture. 😉 

 Mmmmmmmm, pesto. Even pesto made from arugula. My son said it tasted just like  regular pesto. That’s definitely a win. 

Out of the box:

  • Arugula (all gone!)
  • Lettuce (all gone!)
  • 2 Bell peppers
  • 2 banana peppers
  • 2 leaves Napa cabbage
  • 2 sweet potatoes
  • Cilantro
  • Orange

The fridge is starting to look really empty. As in, I think I might need to go get more produce. O.O


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