What’s left

Since I was camping this weekend, I decided we wouldn’t get a box for this week. It will also give us a chance to try to take care of the last bits and bobs from the last box before I get a new one this weekend. And we’ll be supplementing with produce from Trader Joe’s.

So, what we still have:

  • Part of a head of cauliflower (should have made Alfredo sauce from it – it would have been gone, and I wouldn’t have had to look at that awful beet sauce)
  • Both grapefruit (I might try broiling one today with a little brown sugar as a snack, otherwise I’m afraid it’s wasted)
  • Random citrus (not sure if they are lemons or oranges)
  • A handful of those baby banana peppers
  • A teeny bell pepper

Into the kids’ lunches went:

  • Cauliflower (I need to eat some for lunch today, too, and finish it off)
  • 2 Banana peppers
  • That teeny bell pepper

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