TIL: Magic Bullet

I love my Magic Bullet. We use it every week, if not twos or three times a week, especially in the summer when smoothies are our favorite breakfast. But I have learned a few things about a Magic Bullet blender:

  1. It is AWESOME at making smoothies.
  2. It SUCKS at making pesto. 
  3. It’s OKAY at making hummus. 

You know what I love most about my Magic Bullet? How easy it is to clean. Followed very closely by how small and easy to use it is. You know what I hate about my food processor? How big, bulky, and hard to clean it is. 

But, from now on, I need to suck it up and use it for pesto and hummus making. Because the pesto I get with my Magic Bullet is. . . Gummy. There’s not really a better way to describe it. Something happens when you add the Parmesan that royally screws it up. It made the beet pesto so gross I couldn’t look at it and my chard pesto from last night was similar, but dark green. 


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