Sunday, clean out the fridge and what’s left

So, at this point, we’re just going to try to clean out the fridge and take advantage of the freezer stock.   

First up, breakfast a la Christmas leftovers. Sweet potatoes and ham seasoned with a little garlic powder and thyme, oven roasted and topped with a fried egg. Yum. Seriously. Had huge compliments and requests for it to be made again. 

For lunch, the kids and I took care of some leftovers: salads, kale and artichoke dip, pressed eggplant sandwiches, beef stew, all gone. 

For dinner, we had some yummy (and very spicy!) Pakistani food from a local take out place with my parents. 

Out of the box:

  • Not really anything I haven’t accounted for already, I think. 

We still have:

  • Napa cabbage. Holy cow, do we still have Napa. I’m planning lo mein for lunch tomorrow, and I might have to hide it in with something else. 
  • Red cabbage. Only about a quarter of a head, though. I can prolly add that to the lo mein. Or I might make lo mein for the kids and make a Buddha bowl for myself. Brown rice > noodles. 
  • Handful of snap peas. These are totally going in the lo mein. 
  • Oranges. Hmm. Maybe I’ll have the girl juice them tomorrow. 
  • Satsumas. Not complaining. I love snacking on these beauties, and I only have a few left. 
  • Beets. I need to roast these tomorrow, then figure out what I’m going to make with them. Maybe muffins using my beet bread recipe. That way I can freeze some to have for February lunches. 

Wasted food:

  • I had to throw away one head of lettuce. It got shoved to the back of the fridge and went south before we could eat it. 

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