Tuesday, when I got my Thoreau on

So far, so good. I lost over a pound yesterday, probably due in large part to monthly fluctuations. Because you and I both know I ate too much yesterday, and I know I didn’t work out at all. But I know that part of it is simply keeping track of what goes in my mouth – knowing how much is going makes me stop from doing stupid things. 

My husband and I spent about an hour last night meal prepping for lunches. He grilled chicken, and I baked potatoes for him and sweet potatoes for me. I also steamed some extra broccoli for his lunches and he packed up a bunch of raw veggies and fruit. 

I know. It looks awful. But I promise, it’s not my fault. And it tastes better than it looks. I CAN make a decent omelet, but I have to either use a lot of butter or a decent nonstick pan. My nonstick pan has needed replacing for months, and I’m not about to use a tablespoon of butter for a single omelet. Anyways, breakfast was a 1 egg and 1 egg white omelette with turkey bacon and spinach (hey, I can make this with a future box!) and cheddar. The recipe called for 2 egg whites, but I did my math poorly.  

Then I went for a three mile hike at our local state park. But myself. No children. It was heavenly. Yeah, welcome to deep winter in the subtropics where the grass stays and trees still have leaves. 🙂

Cajun restaurant for lunch with my folks. Yummy. Calorie laden.   

This is half of an awesome dinner. I really need to remember to take pictures BEFORE  I start eating. Hopping John made from the Wildly Affordable Organic recipe, very tasty even with canned beans I needed to get out of my pantry; with yogurt based cornbread and seriously the best kale I have ever eaten or cooked. My daughter came cruising by the kitchen looking for seconds! It was easy, too. I used the method from WAO, but used turkey bacon instead of tahini (which she uses to get that smoky flavor that bacon usually gives you). AMAZING. 


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