Monday, DD’s birthday

Happy birthday to my sweet 14 year old. It seems like only yesterday when we had this amazing hike out at the state park – wait, that WAS yesterday. Oh well, guess my memory’s not that bad, yet. 😉

The birthday girl got to plan the menu for the day. So, for breakfast, the kids had cereal. Yup. They rarely get it, so it falls in the birthday treat category. 

I pulled a bar of cocoa coconut quinoa out of the freezer, warmed it up and added a banana and maple syrup. Trying to reduce my freezer stash, one breakfast at a time. Sorry, no pictures of bowls of brown. 

For lunch, she requested Mac and Cheese. I managed to get her to go for butternut squash mac and cheese (squash purée was already in the freezer!). With broccoli. And glazed carrots on the side. 

With a tiny piece of cake. From the freezer.  Woohoo, emptying the box AND the freezer, I love it!


 For my lunch, I opted for a warming Buddha Bowl, because baby, it’s cold outside! And I had some baby spinach to use up, and that red cabbage in the box, and carrots would be good instead of sweet potatoes . . . And, hey, any recipe that includes half an avocado can’t be all bad. 

For dinner, DD and I are going to Olive Garden, prolly her very favorite restaurant. I’m trying to make sure I have enough calories left to deal with that. Maybe I will convince her to split a meal. 

Out of the box:

  • Red cabbage
  • Carrots

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