Tuesday, not a holiday

So between yesterday being a school holiday, and my wrist getting completely messed up, I didn’t do a lot of cooking yesterday. So no pics, no post. Sorry. 

 After a visit to the doctor, an ice pack, and some anti-inflammatories, I’m feeling like I can cook, so guess what I’m doing. 😉 

 I’m actually pickling cucumbers, what a concept! 🙂 Lots of fresh dill and garlic in these pickles, just for me! 🙂 

 And speaking of dill, I went ahead and added the dulled cream cheese to this batch of beer bread, and made them into muffins for easier freezing and lunchbox usage. They’re not as pretty a red, with the cream cheese on top, and it’s very hard to swirl on a muffin; but I think they will be a tasty side dish for tonight’s dinner. 

The kids got lunch out of the freezer (buffalo chicken pasta, celery sticks, and sweet potato cake my mom made), but I opted for some stuff out of the box – and the freezer.  

 Tzatziki with fresh dill and cucumber, Trader Joe’s falafel with a dab of pesto, Trader Joe’s naan, and an orange.  

 This was very good soup, thick and creamy. It’s made with an onion, a pound of cauliflower, that small fennel bulb, chicken stock, and coconut milk. Very tasty. The fennel was not very aggressive, but the bulb was quite small, smaller than my fist. My son said it tasted like potato soup. It was very good with the beet bread muffins. 🙂

Out of the box:

  • Cucumbers (from last week, all gone!)
  • Dill
  • Orange
  • Beets (all gone!)
  • Cauliflower
  • Fennel

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