Sunday, When I counted cost

I got an email from my mom this morning suggesting that I see whether my box is actually financially worth it. She pointed out that she knows it relieves boredom in cooking, drives me to cook and eat things I wouldn’t normally eat (collard greens and watermelon radish, I’m looking at you!), as well as helping our family to eat more veggies. But what about the bottom line?

Hmph. Good question, Mom.

Good thing I got this email while I was at the store buying the rest of the weekly groceries. So I swung back through produce quickly and jotted down prices, trying to compare organic apples to organic apples as much as possible. 

Parenthetical notes relating to a possible price differential: (l) = locally grown, conventional; (n) = conventionally grown. 

  • $7.96 2 heads cauliflower (because did you see the size of it?!?)
  • $0.99 1/2 head green cauliflower (l)
  • $1.67 1.125 lbs broccoli (n)
  • $3.70 2.5 lb green cabbage
  • $1.24 1 bunch collard greens (n)
  • $2.48 1 bunch mustard greens
  • $1.98 1 bunch carrots
  • $1.48 1 bunch cilantro
  • $6.87 3 domes worth of dill (yeah, I really get that much)
  • $2.80 9oz kohlrabi (n)
  • $3.36 2 lb oranges
  • $1.48 1 lb bok choy
  • $36.01 total

Notice, I forgot to get prices for the lettuce and red potatoes, and couldn’t find prices for arugula or watermelon radishes. So, since I paid $25, I definitely think it’s a good deal. So far my price is at least 1/3 lower than HEB prices, and that doesn’t even take into account all the experimenting I have had to do. 

  Like cooking kohlrabi. With ham. German style. Served with cabbage sautéed in butter (the best way to cook cabbage!) and some whole grain mustard. Verdict? It’s good. The kohlrabi tastes like a potato, but it doesn’t turn to mush and it’s a little sweet (but that may be from the ham). Next time I use this recipe, I’ll need more kohlrabi, though. 
Out of the box:

  • Kohlrabi (all gone!)
  • Cabbage

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