Tuesday, Still annoyed

I hate being mildly sick. It’s not bad enough to make me think it’ll be a good excuse to call in sick, but it just makes me feel icky all day long. 

Oh, well. On to the pretty food! 

 Look at my lunch. Look at it! Isn’t it GORGEOUS??? Chicken with leftover chimichurri sauce, steamed broccoli and green cauliflower with a bit of butter, watermelon radish and orange salad, and some of my pickled carrots from last weekend. Everything was so delicious, even the salad. Since I made it first and left it until last to eat (upon recommendation from the Interwebz that watermelon radishes taste less radish-y after “breathing”), tastes nothing like harsh little red globe radishes. The oranges I get from the Farmer’s Market are awful for supreming, though. Big seeds, little segments. So my orange segments were not pretty, but they were pretty delicious. 

Ah, see what I did there??? Eh, eh?

Ok, my jokes get really bad when I’m sick, too. 

Out of the box:

  • Green cauliflower (all gone!)
  • Broccoli (all gone!)
  • Watermelon radish
  • Orange

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