Tuesday, the 15000 step day

  Trying to get that To Do list knocked out. Did a three mile walk in the morning ran a bunch of errands and ate lunch with my mom. 

The kids ate out of the box, however. Buddha bowl and modified Buddha bowl for the boy. It’s not very “Buddha” with that grilled chicken as protein, but the chickpeas were too spicy for him every times I’ve made them. And he didn’t like the sauce, so he got the last of the honey mustard dressing. And he doesn’t like avocado, so no avocado for him (more for me and the girl!)

 Work was longer than normal today, because we had to drop off cookies for our Girl Scouts at work. Ugh, another hour of processing cookie orders. Luckily, dinner came together quickly so I had time to eat before rushing off to another meeting. More of the cauliflower and fennel soup, this time with some super hearty bread my husband picked up from Costco. 

Out of the box:

  • Cabbage
  • Sweet potato
  • Cauliflower (still have half a head left)
  • Fennel (all gone!)

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