My list is still too long, but things are getting knocked off it. Starting the day with some of that yummy bread from last night, toasted and topped with eggs. I need to start making a big batch of cut fruit on the weekend to add to my breakfasts, which tend to be on the starchy side. Tasty, but adding fresh fruit would be a good thing.  

 Originally, there wasn’t supposed to be cabbage on the menu for today’s lunch. But those teeny little turkey meatballs looked so lonely in that big ole box, that I said, “Sauté up some cabbage to put underneath. It’ll be quick, taste good, and add some green to the menu.” So today’s lunch was sweet potato rice, turkey meatballs, sautéed cabbage, and an orange. Yum. 

No pic from dinner. The spinach Alfredo pizza is so yummy, it goes fast. Alfredo sauce is a hard thing to reduce the calories on. It’s basically comprised of fat globules held together with more fat. It is such a wonderful thing. Except when you are trying to be good. So, subbing fat free half and half worked, but it took a lot of parmesan to thicken it up and a lot of whisking to melt the Parmesan. Top that yummy, spinach and garlic filled sauce with shrimp and fresh tomatoes and that’s a favorite pizza around here!

Out of the box:

  • Cabbage
  • Sweet potato
  • Orange
  • Spinach

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